More than 20 years of H&P – whoever adjusts best, survives. Our founder, Leon Hermans RA, started Hermans & Partners B.V. accountants en adviseurs in 1994 in Mijnsheerenland, located in the Hoeksche Waard. At that time with a team of 12 colleagues. H&P currently employs around 85 people, at four different locations in Mijnsheerenland, Gorinchem, Bergen op Zoom and Rotterdam.

What makes Hermans & Partners special?
The most outstanding aspect of Hermans & Partners is that we have adapted our range of independent consultancy services throughout the years to the needs and challenges of our clients. We are able to support you with almost everything an entrepreneur may come across. We approach challenges with an anticipating and personal touch. We want to get to know our clients, allowing us to give advice before they explicitly ask us. We believe that our flexible attitude towards the wishes and needs of clients, our limitless ambition to contribute to the success of an enterprise, together with our genuine interest in our clients, are the most important reasons for our success.

About H & P

Hermans & Partners

Our mission
It is our mission to contribute to your strategic, communicative, financial and operational challenges with our limitless ambition.

Two contacts to ensure continuity
An important advantage of working with H&P is that you will have two contact persons. Your operational accountant will take care of day to day business and discusses issues with our professionals (tax specialists, legal experts, payroll administrators) if necessary. Your strategic accountant is more of a sparring partner. He/she will be able to help you with business issues, give advice regarding strategy and personal (financial and other) goals and functions as a sounding board during major events or decisions. Whether it is regarding market development, price policy, internal conflict or a potential reorganisation, your advisor will help you.

Meeting us? Do not hesitate.
If you are looking for an accountancy firm that does not only handle current practices neatly, but also for an accountant that functions as a sparring partner that actively contributes to the success of your enterprise, contact us.