Lilian van Maanen; Stichting Puik voor Elkaar

Stichting Puik voor Elkaar fabricates wigs for women that are about to lose or are losing their hair due to the treatment for cancer. Even today, many women cannot afford purchasing a tailored wig. They are forced to find another solution since purchasing one is simply not possible. A beautiful wig may help these women […]

Caroline de Haas; Instituut Essence

Instituut Essence was founded in 1998 by Caroline de Haas. Today, Instituut Essence is considered to be a local giant in the health and skincare industry. Caroline and her team offer several skin treatments, including microdermabrasion, Venus Freeze treatments, scar tissue treatments, permanent hair removal, chemical peelings, collagen skin scans and acne treatments. In addition, […]

Carrosserie Elenbaas

Carrossie Elenbaas was founded over 125 years ago and is specialised in custom-made car bodies, Lamberet cooling-/freezing installations, Palfinger cranes and Bott-Vario in vehicle equipment. In addition, they have their own work space allowing them to offer maintenance, modifications and repairs, paintwork, damage repair and a complete print and sign department which allows them to […]

T&R Advocaten

T&R Advocaten is an enthusiastic and driven law firm located in Mijnsheerenland. T&R Advocaten consists of two lawyers (Judith Tarmond and Yolanda Roelfs) and one very experienced legal advisor (Arthur Tarmond). Their services are aimed at a niche market: labour law and corporate law. This makes their services unique and allows them to offer services of […]

Jan Kooijman jr.

Jan Kooijman Jr, born on the 14th of April 1981 in Rotterdam, is a Dutch actor, TV host and professional dancer. He went to the Dance Academy in Rotterdam. After his graduation he became a professional dancer at the Scapino Ballet. He nowadays works as a TV host and as an actor in several shows.

Jan Kooijman sr.

Jan Kooijman Sr. is a writer, editor and owner of Celtac (1999). After working in education for 25 years he founded his own enterprise. It was not the most obvious decision to start his own business, but it happened nevertheless. His work as a writer incrementally grew from writing texts for educational purposes to writing […]

Post Metaal

Family business Post Metaal was founded by Aart-Jan Post (32) and Maarten Post (23) in 2006. Both are sons of Henk Post (58), who consigned his metal crafting business in 2001, after being in business for 30 years. The brothers started developing special oil heaters for recreation boats in 2010, next to enthusiastically continuing with […]

Ambi Pack

Jan Tio (60) is owner of Ambi Pack. Ambi Pack has grown from a small enterprise with five employees to what it is nowadays: a packaging specialist with fifty-five employees. After 20 years of entrepreneurship, Jan’s daughters will take over soon. Ellen Tio (34), Maaike Brinkman-Tio (32) and Karin Tio (28) have entered the packaging […]

Claudia Strömberg; Strömberg en Partners B.V.

Claudia Strömberg is director of Strömberg and Partners B.V. ‘’Look outside at the things humans have made. What inspired them?’’ is the first sentence on her beautiful website, and it says a lot about Claudia. For my job as a career coach and advisor I need to look for opportunities. I try to make people […]

Jan-Peter van Keep; Keep Company Coaching B.V.

Keep Company Coaching B.V. is an organisation that focuses on training people in behaviour, communication and collaboration. Jan-Peter van Keep has been a specialist in (online) training and in social styles since 1990. Since 2010 he is the proud owner and director of his own company.

Karel de Koning; Trend reclame & advies

Trend reclame & advies is a full service advertisement-/advice agency, founded in 1984 as a sales promotion and direct marketing agency. Much has changed since, according to owner and director Karel de Koning. We support companies with their (online) communication. We are more and more often operating as a partner, instead of a supplier. The […]