Jan Tio (60) is owner of Ambi Pack. Ambi Pack has grown from a small enterprise with five employees to what it is nowadays: a packaging specialist with fifty-five employees. After 20 years of entrepreneurship, Jan’s daughters will take over soon. Ellen Tio (34), Maaike Brinkman-Tio (32) and Karin Tio (28) have entered the packaging industry. They all have different backgrounds, but share the same goal: keeping Ambi Pack on track.

1) What was your initial question? What did you urgently need?

Taking over a company like Ambi Pack requires quite some effort. We do not possess knowledge regarding this topic, the technical industry is what we like most. Hermans & Partners has been our advisor for a while already. They will ensure a smooth take-over.

2) How did Hermans & Partners organize this?

We really enjoy that our relationship is built on trust. They keep an eye on important developments for the company and for the four of us.

3) What was the result and what did you notice, some pros and cons?

It will take several years to complete this take over, so it is not clear what the final outcome will be yet. It has been a smooth process so far and there have not been any cons yet.

4) What would you recommend fellow entrepreneurs?

I would recommend fellow entrepreneurs to construct a step-by-step action plan if they plan on letting a relative taking over an enterprise. What Hermans & Partners did for us so far has been a very pleasant experience.