Instituut Essence was founded in 1998 by Caroline de Haas. Today, Instituut Essence is considered to be a local giant in the health and skincare industry. Caroline and her team offer several skin treatments, including microdermabrasion, Venus Freeze treatments, scar tissue treatments, permanent hair removal, chemical peelings, collagen skin scans and acne treatments. In addition, Caroline started Healthcare clinic Essence, a clinic that offers naturopathic, orthomolecular treatment and help regarding bio resonance therapy, sport diets and regular diets.

1) What was your initial question? What did you urgently need?

As Essence kept growing, the additional work regarding administrative tasks also increased significantly. I was always told that you have to focus on what you are good at and on what you like to do. That is why I want to keep my focus on skincare and the health of our clients. I know, administrative tasks are part of having your own enterprise, but I do not enjoy this part like I do the other parts. Hermans & Partners takes care of these activities now. They order all my incoming and outgoing bills, tax returns, bank statements and more, all with their Finance Factory. This allows me to do what I like most.

2) How did Hermans & Partners organize this?

I am very pleased with the service of H&P. I have noticed major differences since day one, mainly because it is fairly easy to upload documents. My administration is up to date, and I no longer have to worry about my bills, tax returns, etc. Knowing that everything is handled correctly gives me peace of mind.

3) What was the result and what did you notice, some pros and cons?

There were no cons. It is a very smooth process and I like how everything was introduced by my contact person at H&P. Something I noticed is the monthly feedback that I receive. My administration is always up to date, allowing me to receive monthly information. All information is analysed by an employee of H&P and they ask questions or give tips regarding that particular month. They help me with my strategy and look for opportunities and grasp those!

4) What would you recommend fellow entrepreneurs?

Do what you do best!