Carrossie Elenbaas was founded over 125 years ago and is specialised in custom-made car bodies, Lamberet cooling-/freezing installations, Palfinger cranes and Bott-Vario in vehicle equipment. In addition, they have their own work space allowing them to offer maintenance, modifications and repairs, paintwork, damage repair and a complete print and sign department which allows them to give trucks a custom appearance. Laurens and Jean-Paul Elenbaas recently attended our Boardroom Strategic Leadership.

1) What was your initial question? What did you urgently need?

We are a services oriented company that does not like to say no to any client. But expanding our services does have to fit with our vision: do it right or do not do it. To clarify our mission, vision and strategy, we signed up for the Boardroom Strategic Leadership.

2) How did Hermans & Partners organize this?

The Boardroom Strategic Leadership consisted of 7 morning sessions. These sessions were accompanied by two professors who have experience in the field of strategy shaping and value creation. With the use of theory and cases we learned more about our own enterprise. We now know who our potential clients are and what the opportunities and threats are for the future. Working together with fellow entrepreneurs and experienced professors has been a very valuable experience.

3) What was the result and what did you notice, some pros and cons?

During these sessions we learned some practical methods and tools that we have been using in our organisation ever since. An example of something that we learned is how to look for opportunities for value creation, including implementation and how we can involve our personnel during this process. The more support you get from your colleagues, the higher the chances of having a successful outcome. And something else of importance: we now know how to measure value creation. It allows us to evaluate whether investing our time was worth it and whether small changes may influence the outcome.

4) What would you recommend fellow entrepreneurs?

Short but very powerful: If you want to bring your organisation to the next level, you should definitely consider signing up for this Boardroom! You will learn how to adapt your mission, vision and strategy in a practical way. You will work on a long-term plan with a clear goal: giving everyone in your organisation the same focus. It is a motivating, but moreover a very reassuring feeling!