Claudia Strömberg is director of Strömberg and Partners B.V. ‘’Look outside at the things humans have made. What inspired them?’’ is the first sentence on her beautiful website, and it says a lot about Claudia. For my job as a career coach and advisor I need to look for opportunities. I try to make people aware of their own strength and talent. My work environment is diverse, but it is possible to summarize it in three words: humans, work and organisations. Humans first. Work and organisations as valuable systems that allow people to shine. I believe in synergy. A win-win situation for employer and employee.

1) What was your initial question? What did you urgently need?

A business relationship of mine told me that he had an accountant that really looked at things from a different perspective. Their presence had helped him becoming more aware of his goals and how they should be achieved. His comments triggered me. My business was approaching a crossroad: consolidation or expansion. This was the central topic of my introductory meeting with Hermans & Partners.

2) How did Hermans & Partners organize this?

We changed our direction. We chose to head into a certain direction. It was a very energizing and challenging process. The fact that we have positive feelings when we talk about the process says it all.

3) What was the result and what did you notice, some pros and cons?

Every discussion with my accountant is positive and he compliments me when it comes to how I deal with strategic issues. And trust me, he will tell me if he disagrees. That is exactly what I was looking for.

4) What would you recommend fellow entrepreneurs?

Every entrepreneur has some blind spots, you should always stay focussed on your own business and what you stand for. Having someone that gives you advice, that looks critically at your organisation and does not hesitate to correct and motivate you when necessary. That is exactly what Hermans & Partners does. A financial partner, one that I recommend to others.