Family business Post Metaal was founded by Aart-Jan Post (32) and Maarten Post (23) in 2006. Both are sons of Henk Post (58), who consigned his metal crafting business in 2001, after being in business for 30 years. The brothers started developing special oil heaters for recreation boats in 2010, next to enthusiastically continuing with the metal crafting business. They did not lose faith in their product despite of the economic crisis. They kept improving their product and after many years of innovation, their heaters are officially approved and ready for the market. The combination of ambition and hard work have resulted in praising client messages for ‘Post Marine Heating’.

1) What was your initial question? What did you urgently need?

We switched to Hermans & Partners back in 2012. We needed certain knowledge. Something our family often says is: ‘If you want to achieve something, you need to start reading some books’. But it is simply impossible to do everything yourself. When we got the know H&P, we felt like their services supplemented us.

2) How did Hermans & Partners organize this?

We are very satisfied about how H&P did this. We feel like they took a lot of time to delve into our industry and that they do not hesitate to ask critical questions. They stimulate and motivate us to apply knowledge in a practical manner, allowing us to improve our organization.

3) What was the result and what did you notice, some pros and cons?

We currently possess reliable information. This information allows us to analyse our way of working, improve our processes and realise structural progress.

4) What would you recommend fellow entrepreneurs?

We are not the only ones that enjoy the family feeling of our business. We currently employ 21 people, of which 17 are full time. We try to ensure that the entire workforce has this feeling. Everybody has the same mentality and completely supports what we are doing. We would recommend fellow entrepreneurs to get employees involved and to love their employees. Our group mentality is our success.