Thinking about change, even when everything goes fine. It is possible to do the exact same thing for years or even decades, while being and staying successful. For some companies, change may even be disastrous. But unfortunately, this is only true for very few enterprises.

For most enterprises change is fundamental, not only to serve clients, but also to stay ahead of competitors. Therefore it is advisable to continuously evaluate change opportunities, especially when everything runs smoothly, which gives you time to implement changes.

Small changes, big revolutions

Implementing small changes to adjust your destination requires an intelligent way of doing business. Fine-tuning is only possible if you continuously evaluate your strategic practices, giving you a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve. Despite the fact that it is possible to anticipate many things, it is inevitable to implement big changes from time to time. A new technology may become available, a new start-up is changing your business environment or your most important employee starts his/her own enterprise. It is up to you to be flexible and benefit from the seemingly daunting situation.

Hermans & Partners

Time for change
The best way to implement change is incrementally. Like a ship at sea: a degree to the left or right may alter your final destination by miles.

Individual coaching

We are also able to offer a substantial contribution to personal change trajectories. If one of your colleagues for example no longer performs properly, has to deal with a stressful situation or when a colleague employs a counterproductive leadership style. Involving a third party is a solution in these situations. We offer individual coaching for every type of situation on different levels, including yourself.

Boardroom Strategic Leadership

We have developed a Boardroom ‘Strategic Leadership’ consisting of 7 sessions on Friday morning  of 4 hours each. Offering substantial learning opportunities for (potential) DMS’s. During these sessions you will share valuable knowledge with fellow entrepreneurs and two experts in strategy. Are you curious whether our Boardroom will satisfy your needs regarding value maximization of your enterprise, identifying and analysing (future) needs of clients, generating innovative ideas concerning new products and services? We guarantee interesting subjects, allowing you to gain new insights, while meeting like-minded entrepreneurs.

Will you contact us to facilitate change?

Are you struggling and in need of help, or do you perceive change as the only way to guarantee future success? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.