You determine what people think of you. The way you communicate and how you behave both influence their perception. As an entrepreneur you are continuously communicating. With your colleagues, your suppliers, your customers, your business partners and your investors. Their perception of you has a big influence on the success of your organization. It is therefore of the utmost importance to understand how you can influence the perception of your conversation partners.

‘’We have to learn to be ourselves.

The question is: Are we still ourselves if we learn how to be ourselves?’’

This quote by cartoonist Kamagurka perfectly illustrates the challenge of our social communication, also called social styles.
Of course you need to be yourself, but responding to areas of interest of your conversation partner will allow you to better represent yourself. Gathering sympathy without sweet-talking, being honest without being rude and giving a feeling of equality; it is not easy, but it is possible to learn. Hermans & Partners offers an online social communication assessment, specially developed for entrepreneurs, managers and sales officials! This gives you the opportunity to use it 24/7, and re-read things when it suits you. You will not have to waste valuable time at moments it does not suit you.

Hermans & Partners

If you know how others perceive your behaviour, you will be able to perform maximally in any cooperation.

Working together with a personal coach. An online assessment is an excellent way of developing a controlled, goal-oriented and effective way of communicating. Do you still need more personal guidance? Or do you desire a social communication specialist working from within your organisation? That is possible. We would like to discuss your wishes, goals and challenges in order to compose a personal coaching programme; for you or your personnel, everything is possible. Read More