Becoming a much more effective communicator in a short period of time? There are numerous of situations in an entrepreneur’s life that depend on a single conversation. Meeting a prospect, a job interview with the perfect sales manager or presenting your investment plans to your bank are just some examples.

You have probably had conversations in the past of which you afterwards thought: ‘’I wish I had said…’’. That is only human. In many cases the success of a conversation and the perception someone has of your personality depend on the appropriate communication technique. And it is possible to learn (the techniques of) effective communication!

Online assessment gives insight into your communication style

For our clients we developed an online-assessment in close cooperation with a communication expert, which gives you insight into your social communication style in just five minutes. In fact, it is even possible within no time to know more about the communication style of your conversation partners. This is essential information to prepare yourself for important conversations!

Function specific assessments

Signals and structure during communication also differ per position. A telemarketer has other goals than for example an accountant or HR-advisor. We have developed assessments based on different branches and functional levels. This ensures that you receive practical tips and advice to recognize signals and to anticipate on them.

For life!

Once an assessment is completed, it is accessible online forever. You can re-open it as often as you want, re-read the key takeaways, recall your strong points and points for improvement (if they are still points of improvement), practice with different conversational structures and search for branch specific information (regarding social communication).

Hermans & Partners

Working together with a personal coach
Do you need personal guidance for yourself or your employees? Then we would be happy to put together a customized coaching program for you.

What do you learn?

Our coach will work intensively with you. Based on the outcomes of your online assessment you will learn how to optimise your own social communication style, recognize those of your conversation partners even more quickly, how to anticipate on it and steer the conversation. You will discover how to react to different situations and you will learn how you can prevent conflicts from arising while still achieving your goals.

An important aspect of the coaching trajectory is based on branch specific and individually tailored practical exercises. You will already experience the benefits of coaching after the first day.

After guidance

In contrast to many other courses, during which participants get exhausted throughout a two day crash course and after which many participants return to their initial  behaviour, our training programme allows you and your personnel to benefit from the assessments for years. You are able to measure how often the online-tool has been used by your colleagues. And it is always possible to get in touch with us to go back to the basics or critically look at something.

Coaching programmes

We offer different programmes for different positions with accompanying goals, such as:

  • H&P Empowering people®: For entrepreneurs and supervisors.
  • H&P Improving Sales®: For account managers, commercial directors and sales people.
  • H&P Developing Skills®: For other employees who frequently work in teams and have frequent communication with a variety of stakeholders.

Learning how to communicate better? Start today!

Do you want to positively change how you are being perceived by your environment? Become a more effective and convincing communicator in order to realise your commercial and/or managerial goals? Read more or get in touch with us in order to determine what the most appropriate online assessment is. Would you like to place an order for one or more assessments right away? This is possible by using the following contact form.