The annual report means writing about history. Technically that is correct. History refers to everything that has happened in the past. In order to prevent historic events from happening again, it is necessary to study past performance, which is documented in the annual report. An accountant who is future oriented notices historic details while fine-tuning future performances.

Our accountants at Hermans & Partners are able to indicate which processes require alterations by analysing an annual report. We can measure the effectivity of these alterations based on the same information.

Your performance report

It is clear that, an annual report is useful and potentially even more useful than you realized until now. It is therefore important that composing the annual report is done efficiently and effectively against a reasonable price. In order to facilitate this, we utilize ‘Online Samenwerken’. Online Samenwerken is an online application with which both client and accountant contribute to the preparation of the annual report. By using Online Samenwerken you have continuous insight into our files and documents. Are you curious whether we can improve your performance? Contact us.

AFM – license

Hermans & Partners possesses a license of the Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM). Accordingly, H&P is allowed to conduct legal audit engagements. An organisation is legally required to conduct an audit engagement when the net revenue, balance sheet total and FTE count surpass the legal lower limit.

We additionally issue statements regarding preparation and advice of the annual report.

In need of a cooperative, proactive and innovative accounting approach? Do you have concerns whether your organisation is legally required to conduct an audit engagement? Contact us.

Branch in sight – reaching your destination faster

As an entrepreneur you want your accountant to answer some fundamental questions: ‘’How do I perform and how do I improve my performance?’’ It is our core mission to answer these questions for you. We offer a full service concept called ‘Branch in Sight’.

The report ‘Branch in Sight’

We prepare an extensive report, which allows you to quickly grasp how you perform compared to the industry, but also compared to optimized results. In addition, we provide information concerning industry trends, opportunities and potential risks.

Analysis and advice

Based on conversations with you we prepare an analysis and our advice. Our advice can be specifically about personnel, products and prices, changing your cost structure or measures to improve your capital position, for example by improved debtor monitoring or improved inventory management. In short, advice that will make you more successful and more prepared for the future. In other words: things that matter.