Can the ‘business’ of your company be improved? Our advisors have frequently answered this question for hundreds of companies. It is very easy to answer the question with a ‘yes’. However, the interpretation; that’s what it’s truly about.

We are long time entrepreneurs and ask ourselves this question every day. Our clients also ask themselves this question. Still a multitude of economic questions is getting no practical interpretation. Shall we give it a try?

Hermans & Partners
  • Am I not too expensive or too cheap? What are the exact costs of my product?
  • Can I stunt with the price once, or will it cost more than it brings?
  • How do I get more from my commercial efforts?
  • Do I use the right market strategy?
  • How do I get ‘in control’ of my working capital?
  • I would like to do business responsibly, how I mitigate my risk?
  • What are the market trends? What opportunities or threats are involved?
  • I want to invest, but can I recoup my investment?

Feel free to ask!

In short, whether you have special or very simple-like questions (which are often the most difficult!), remember that we are not ‘ordinary’ accountants. We are co-operators working with entrepreneurs, in sickness and in health. Get in touch!