How solid is your capital position? Critically look at potential risks and cover them. Are you familiar with the TV commercial of a rich person who went bankrupt? ‘’From BMW X5 to line 5’’. A source of malicious pleasure, but not if it happens to you.

This might happen to any entrepreneur. If you do not take care of your pension fund, you completely rely on social security (Old Age Pension Acts) after retiring. It is not something people look forward to, which makes it bitter need to ensure you keep resources in reserve.

Avoid the pension gap
The point that we are trying to make is: ‘’Plan something’’. Or at least think about it, preferably in consultation with someone who has knowledge of the matter. Our financial planners will not be able to exactly calculate what you will be worth in the future, but they will be able to denote what you will receive, and what steps you have to undertake to ensure that you will be able to drive towards the ‘Sunny South’ in a neat car. There are countless possibilities, that we construct completely in accordance with laws and regulation.

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