An entrepreneur should know all relevant rules and regulation applicable to his enterprise. There is a chance that you are not completely up to date. In that case, possible consequences exist. Good legal advice limits your risks and ensures that you sleep better.

Clients of Hermans & Partners are entitled to firm, proactive advice from our company legal experts. And that is exactly what you get. It is our standard procedure to legally test all annual reports periodically. Our professionals address matters that cannot pass the legal test and notify your accountant. (S)he will take these issues into account when discussing the annual report. This assures you that everything in your company is in order and it prevents unexpected events and costs from occurring.

A solid legal building

Our legal experts are members of the ‘Nederlanderse Vereniging van Ondernemersrechtsadviseurs’, which is an organization that supports and guarantees professional quality. Membership allows our experts to regularly update their knowledge. It additionally allows them to share experiences with fellow members. This in turn gives them all they need to advise you. Examples of issues are choosing the appropriate legal form of your entity and drafting contracts or cooperation agreements. We will leave nothing to fate.

First Aid for Disagreements

You are not a bully by nature, but you will not let others take advantage of you. Unfortunately, getting into a conflict is not always a personal choice. If it does happen, it is reassuring to have a competent legal advisor at your side. Someone that excels at assessing the situation and seeks an amiable solution first. Our professional mediators are used to these situations and often prevent a lawsuit. It saves time, money and most importantly wasted energy. And if a lawsuit is inevitable, it is good to know that our legal advisors have access to a network of reliable lawyers.

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