Many believe that tax advice is a way of evading taxes. For our tax specialists, giving advice is not equal to evading taxes. With our method we ensure that our clients exactly pay the required amount. Not a penny more and not a penny less.

We obviously opt to find favourable tax advice while taking your wishes and obligations into the equation. We also analyse the long-term consequences for you and your enterprise, including your peace of mind, knowing that you have always complied with your tax obligations.

Special cooperation with tax authorities

The ‘Convenant Horizontaal Toezicht’ allows tax authorities to process submissions faster while subsequently less control is necessary.

Our services specified

We take care of your tax return, including sales and purchase tax, corporate taxes, income taxes and possible inheritance taxes, using the latest software. It is a very efficient process, because we have access to all information recorded by us and the relevant tax authorities. Thereafter we supplement it with information provided by you, preferably via our portal ‘Online Samenwerken’ or email, but it is also possible to use regular post. Many clients often hop by to hand over the required documents. You are always welcome to have a coffee.

Complex tax issues? Failing to see the wood for the trees?

We completely understand that you may fail to see the wood for the trees due to rising globalisation, changing laws and regulation and a variety of exceptions to existing rules. This is why Hermans & Partners has a diverse team of tax specialists who work with these changes on a daily basis, allowing them to apply the laws and regulation in question to your specific situation.

It may still happen that we encounter a situation that we are not familiar with yet. It is essential to cooperate with specialists on certain sub-areas. Specialists that have the same goals and aspirations as our employees. Therefore, we have a close and exclusive cooperation with Herreveld, Van Sprundel & Partners (Hs&P). Hs&P operates based on the same core values as H&P and is specialized in both national and international tax practices. Clients of H&P are thus guaranteed that even their most complex issues will be solved. For more information about Hs&P we kindly refer to their website: