What you desire is what we do.

Is that our employees allow an organisation to excel based on their expertise and network. This gives our clients a head start and may result in an increased return, more growth and a higher chance of continuity. We operate as a full-fledged sparring partner. Clear communication and a professional and ethical approach are important core values.

‘’Allowing an entrepreneur to be ‘in control’ of all entrepreneurial aspects, that is our objective!’’

Hermans en Partners

In our vision, adjusting your mission is something you must do, if market conditions demand you to.
It is good to have a vision and a mission, even if it only serves as an ethical reminder of the core values of your organisation. However, you should realize that it is not set in stone. We will have to adapt our strategy similarly, if you as our client feel the need to.

Our mission…
It is our mission to fundamentally contribute to your challenges on a strategic, communicative, financial and operational level. We achieve this with a hands-on approach for all four areas mentioned. Our services are based on the following core values:

You will have two permanent contact persons for your operational and strategic challenges. These consultants will study all ins and outs of you and your company and are advisors you can build on.

We analyse market conditions and legal changes continuously. We will contact you if changes occur that could be beneficial or harmful for your company.

With personality
All our professionals have a personal critical approach. They will invest in getting to know you and in understanding your vision and business operations. It will help us with giving you personal advice.

Wide range of services
It is our opinion that you should be able to receive our help for anything business related that you need. Alright, we do not sell staples*, but we will try our best not to say ‘no’ to any of your problems, both on a business and personal level.

What is your vision and mission?
How do you expect the market to be in five years? And what is your role and goal in it? We are genuinely interested in your goals, and we will passionately help you achieving them. Are you in for a little sparring session? Get in touch!

*(If you really need staples, we can give you the contact information of our staples supplier)