The perfect ending or a new start? Start on time to ensure that you are able to retain control. An enterprise is like a child, you are devoted to it. Saying goodbye to your child is an emotional process. The same holds for your enterprise. And in a similar way, the birth (acquisition) of a child is emotional. It is the beginning of a new adventure, during which numerous hurdles must be taken.

What if you want to sell your enterprise or acquire one yourself.
The tax legislation concerning an acquisition is very complex. This leads to an average duration time of six (6!) years before completion. You want to be well-informed to receive or pay a fair price. Therefore, it is important to start preparing early on. This allows you to stay in control throughout the entire process.

Hermans & Partners

A company is not a bag of sugar. The complexity of acquiring or selling an enterprise often exceeds anything you have encountered before, while the risks are great.

What is an enterprise worth?
When an enterprise is acquired or merges with another enterprise, past results are substantially less important than future potential. But who defines its future potential? While valuing an enterprise – and especially for the seller, who has spent years of his life building the company – many emotions are involved. A good reason to get an objective external expert involved to guide you through the process.

We will make sure you succeed. Or not.
Hermans & Partners has brought many acquisitions to a positive end throughout the past 20 years. And ‘positive’ does not always mean that the merger or acquisition came to a successful end. Sometimes it turns out that both parties are better off by opting out, or instead opt for a strategic alliance. Our definition of ‘success’ is that our client, and if possible both parties, leave the table with a positive feeling.

Do you have plans? We have cake and coffee ready.
If you consider selling your enterprise or acquiring one, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you prepare your business for an acquisition, overcome legal and fiscal hurdles or value your enterprise. Together we can write the beginning of a happy new chapter of your business life.