Our partners can be defined as a select group with tremendous quality. We are very strict when it comes to our own quality and we demand that our employees possess reliable expertise and the required personal qualities. The same holds for our partners, which includes lawyers, notaries, IT Consultants and M&A Specialists.

We only work with organisations that have the same vision, that share our view on services and work with important norms and values. It has led to several partnerships and relations. We would like you to meet our 2 partners:

T&R Advocaten

Strategic alliance Hermans & Partners, accountants en adviseurs and T&R Advocaten

An entrepreneur in control
Hermans & Partners defines its mission as substantially contributing to the challenges an entrepreneur faces by offering advice and hands-on support. We attach great value to an anticipating and personal approach, allowing you to be in control of all aspects of your business. This way of working is something we look for in a partner as well.

Legal services
As an entrepreneur you know that there is a possibility of ending up in a legal conflict, which requires legal support. H&P employs legal advisors and mediators. What happens if this is not sufficient? If this is the case, we need to bring out the big guns: a lawyer. H&P often worked with T&R Advocaten. We got to know them as an experienced partner. They have helped many of our clients throughout the years with their legal support. This pleasurable experience has led to a strategic alliance between us and T&R.

T&R Advocaten
T&R Advocaten was founded by Judith Tarmond mr. and Yolanda Roelfs mr. They distinguish themselves from other law firms and competitors with their high level of specialisation in areas as labour, company and contract law. Judith and Yolanda understand what our clients really need. T&R offers advice that is ‘to the point’, which is clear and always solution oriented. T&R is located in the same building as H&P in Mijnsheerenland, but is available at any of our offices.

Broader range of services
Our strategic alliance broadens our range of services while maintaining quality. For the SME market in general, but most importantly for our clients. In short, it means that you can request support for any issue related to for example litigation, legal issues, etcetera. The neat collaboration between H&P and T&R creates synergy; an efficient way of working together that allows us to tackle issues quickly and to the point. Our focus is on letting the entrepreneur be in control!


Collaboration with Herreveld Van Sprundel & Partners (HS&P)
In a world of digitalisation, globalisation, artificial intelligence and increasing complexity in rules and regulation, it is good to acknowledge that there is more that we do not know than we actually do know. Our organization strives to keep the entrepreneur in control. That is why it is important to strategically work together, especially when it concerns areas that are not your area of expertise. For that reason, H&P works together with Herreveld Van Sprundel & Partners (HS&P).

HS&P was founded by 4 tax specialists:

  • F.R. (Frank) Herreveld mr.;
  • D.E. (Dick) van Sprundel mr.;
  • M.P. (Mark) Weterings MSc;
  • J. (Joyce) van Vliet drs.

Frank, Dick, Mark and Joyce are specialized in national and international tax law and solely focus on complex tax advice. All related services such as tax return and accountancy activities will be taken care of by H&P. Similarly, HS&P will take care of the more complex issues of H&P clients. We value our clients, and want to ensure the best services.

HS&P is located in the same building as H&P in Rotterdam.

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