Being socially involved in our direct environment and far beyond. It is impossible to decouple a firm from its environment. We are still some sort of neighbours, that is how we feel. We value the importance of giving something back to the community, that has inspired us for over 20 years already.

If you have ideas for a regional project, please contact us. Or would you like to help by contributing something yourself? That is also possible. Mail our secretary at

In addition to our contributions to social welfare in the region, we also want to do something for a better world beyond our direct field of view. That is why we support some special projects abroad.

Max Foundation
The mission of Max Foundation is to provide as many children under the age of five a healthy start in life, in the most effective and long-lasting way. They envision a world in which easily preventable diseases, such as certain infections, are no longer a cause for child mortality amongst children under the age of five. Since these diseases can easily be prevented by access to safe water, adequate sanitation facilities and better hygiene conditions for mother and child. They work together with local communities, organizations and governments. For more information:

Partnership Foundation
Partnership Foundation is committed to improve the lives of street girls in Indie and securing their future. The Indie government is an important partner in the establishment of Rainbow Homes. In these Rainbow Homes, girls between the ages of 4 and 18 are cared for and receive healthy food, safety, education, attention, love and medical care. For more information:

Tika Foundation
TIKA Foundation has been established to support underprivileged children in Nepal to get a better future, by improving their environment and their learning opportunities. In Nepal they only work with reliable and experienced people whom they know and have met. Only with financial guarantees for the long term the foundation gets involved or set up a project. They always work with local project managers and, whenever possible, make use of local expertise and local products. Almost 100% of all donations they receive goes straight to the projects in Nepal. Tika Foundation is registered as a public interest institution. For more information: