How much time do you spend on defining your strategy? Probably not much since research has shown that 85% of entrepreneurs devote little time to strategy formulation. Additional research has shown that entrepreneurs who spend more time on strategy, including assessment and revision, outperform others. They achieve their goals faster and enjoy a higher overall return.

It is not easy to formulate and implement a successful strategy. It will pay off to devote more time to your strategy, even more when you are convinced that a smart strategic approach offers you a strategic advantage. We share this vision, and would gladly help you. We have helped many clients, clients who are very satisfied.

We do not just design, prepare and implement a new strategy. We preferably involve your stakeholders to formulate a mission, vision and strategy that corresponds to your goals. It is fundamental to gain support. Getting every stakeholder on the same page will allow your organisation to benefit from a supportive boost. We are happy to take on this challenge with you.

Dutch Entrepreneurs Academy (DEA)

In cooperation with Wisselwerkers, a private Academy in the field of strategy, Hermans & Partners offers; the Dutch Entrepreneurs Academy.

This action-oriented and interactive Academy is intended for entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises. Dutch Entrepreneurs Academy supports ambitious and energetic entrepreneurs and/or Directors with large share holdings who want to ensure the continuity and profitability of their organization and who dare to innovate and change, with the challenges and opportunities of their organization, Entrepreneurs and/or Directors with large share holdings who not only want to be educated but also want to implement. To this end different programs are offered, both external and in-company, where the key focus is the core need of entrepreneurs. This core need is the the development of Strategic Leadership and to do whatever it takes to create value for your company.

DEA was founded by Wisselwerkers. Academic Entrepreneurs and Hermans & Partners. Wisselwerkers  is an academic network organisation whose core task is to facilitate companies and initiate innovative practices for value creation and evaluation. The accountants and advisors of Hermans & Partners allow companies to excel in their specific qualities based on their individual specialties and a diverse and wide network.

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It has been demonstrated that investing in your strategic policy will positively affect your return. It will most likely result in internal changes, adjustments and possibly in learning new habits, but it will be worth it. Discover it yourself and make an appointment with one of our consultants.