Free money? Subsidies at minimum require quite some effort. The ministry of Finances states: innovation is necessary to ensure economic growth. This goes beyond mere words; the government stimulates innovation with money.

In addition, subsidies are available for, among other things; export promotion, health and safety and culture. A subsidy is not always received as free money. Others forms of subsidies include tax discount and innovation credit.

What does it take to receive subsidies?

Not everyone with a decent idea or innovation blindly receives money from the government. There are various conditions attached to receiving a subsidy, such as a complete request with financial substantiation, a neat administrative justification and often an obligation to make a minimum investment yourself. Altogether, requesting a subsidy is a course of action that requires specific expertise. Expertise that we possess with our own subsidy specialist.

Hermans & Partners

Innovating only makes sense when it simplifies work.

And for you?

Our subsidy specialist is specialised in areas as environment & energy, work & income, MSE-financing, training and health. Even if your project is out of scope, he will be able to help you. Most subsidy procedures follow the same trajectory. Do you think that you have a project eligible for subsidy? Contact us!